6 Developmental Activity Ideas For Your Pre-Schooler


Pre-school age children are so fun and eager to learn. They retain so much information that is important for development. Listed are 6 activities you can do with your child.


1. Molding Shapes with dough. This is an excellent source of hand eye coordination for you child and teaches them creative expression.

2. Simon Says. Give you child an instruction and have your child do as you say but only when you say “Simon says”. This fun game teaches your child to listen and follow directions

3. Reading with your child. Read your child his/her favorite book but pause in the middle of the story to ask if they can tell you what is going on in the story. Also count object, people, or animals on the page and have them tell you the colors that they see.

4. Have your child pack his/her own lunch for the day. Allow your child to chose what they will pack. This will teach your child responsibility and independence.

5. A letter scavenger hunt. Have your child find letters that are in their name on various items around the house. i.e. cereal box, mail, posters, etc. Have them sound out the letter when they find it. The letters of your name are always a great starting point for beginners. Your child will become familiar with the sound of the letters and will begin to recognize them on sight and sound.

6. The memory game. Lay cards face up with sets of identical pictures. Do not place identical cards together but scattered around. Have your child look at the layout and remember everything they can before you turn the cards face down. Then have your child turn over one card at a time to try and find the matching one. This helps you child with their visual memory.