Avoid Back Pain in Children


Healthy Habits for Kids

More and more children are diagnosed with back pain these days as a result of our rapidly changing lifestyles. We have collected some top tips to help you cultivate healthy habits in your children and avoid back pain.

Many factors can contribute to back pain in children. These including health issues from poor diet, a bad posture which is compounded by too much time with electronic devices and school backpacks that are too heavy.

Top tips to avoid back pain in Children

1) A healthy body starts with a healthy diet. A well-balanced diet will ensure your child gets all the nutrients, vitamins and minerals needed for healthy growth. Did you know that Vitamin D3 helps the body with the absorption of calcium and a lack of it can cause lower back pain? Growing bones need plenty of calcium and vitamin D3 to ensure it is absorbed.

Many lower back pain conditions, like herniated discs, can be traced back to mineral deficiencies. Your child’s diet needs to include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. Meals should be fresh and organic as far as possible. Consult a dietician and make sure your child’s growing body gets all the nutrition it needs.

2) Plenty of exercise. Active play is not only fun; it keeps kids fit, aids to maintain a healthy weight and develops gross motor skills. Hanging from monkey bars is great to give the back a good stretch and elongate the spine. Some kids even love hanging upside down on an inversion table [reviews].

3) Cultivate good posture. Many back pain problems in children and adults arise as the result of bad posture. We spend far too many hours hunched in front of devices. Limit your child’s time with his/her device and encourage healthy active and creative play time instead. When they do use a device, make sure that they sit in a proper upright position and provide support for the device at a level that encourages good posture.

4) Correct carrying. Many children suffer from back pain as a result of carrying backpacks incorrectly. Make sure your child’s backpack is not too heavy. Carrying loads that are too heavy can cause unnecessary strain on the muscles and joints. Backpacks should have good shoulder straps and be carried in a balanced way over both shoulders. One sided carrying can cause severe strain on the back from muscle and ligament strain.

5) Lead by example. Your children look to you for guidance, so ensure you set a good example in all matters. Make sure you maintain a healthy posture and join them in eating healthy and get exercise by joining in on active playtime.

Communicate with your child and explain to them why healthy habits and a good posture are important. If your child still suffers from back pain even after following all the advice above you should consult a doctor and make sure there are no other underlying problems.

Enjoy your children, cultivate healthy habits, avoid unnecessary problems like back pain and set them up for success.