Country Girl Suburban Living: Our Twin Birth story


This is our twin birth story…. Saturday, Oct 1st, 2017  We went to church that evening joking about my water breaking in the middle of the sermon. Little did we know at the time I would go into labor during church. Mid sermon I started having pretty good contractions. The contractions were uncomfortable but I […]

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How to Keep Children Cool in Hot Summer


The extreme heat in the summer can make your child feel uncomfortable and restless. Children tend to sweat less than the adults, therefore, they extra care and precaution. Sports Activity Summer holidays are the best for the children to engage themselves in various outdoor sports. Encourage your child to go out and play instead of […]

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Avoid Back Pain in Children


Healthy Habits for Kids More and more children are diagnosed with back pain these days as a result of our rapidly changing lifestyles. We have collected some top tips to help you cultivate healthy habits in your children and avoid back pain. Many factors can contribute to back pain in children. These including health issues […]

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Rainy Days and Sundays


It’s a rainy Sunday night in Lisse. Hans is in Salzburg. The cats are sleeping. It’s a good time to do some writing. Hans is back to work, so we’re doing less sightseeing together. But Spring has finally sprung. The trees are leafy, the bees are buzzing, the grass is growing, the sun is shining […]

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Teach Your Children Well


Random thoughts about teachers:Yes, some teachers are overpaid. Yes, some do a lousy job but are protected by the tenure system.Here’s what I know, though, about some Kansas teachers. They work hard every day to make sure my kids and yours get a decent education. They do this in spite of the fact that federal […]

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7 Bathroom Safety Tips for Young Children


Bath time can be a fun and special time to share with your kids, but it still can be stressful for any new parent as there are many things to concern. You probably know how to make bath time fun. However, some babies are more likely to drown in the bathtub than any other places. […]

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What Causes Teen Acne


While there are many things have changed since you were a teenager, include school, dating, social issues- become more difficult than before, many never changed. Pimple or acne, whatever you call them, is one of them, annoying skin problem happens to all teenagers sooner or later. Acne is a diabolically cruel thing that causes you […]

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How To Make A Baby Stop Crying- My personal experience


Hello Everyone, I am Simone from Jamaica. I am a mother of a six year old son and a eight weeks old daughter at the point of writing this page. My newborn won’t stop crying, especially at night! Apart from my major role as a Mother,I am a Business Banker by profession, a wife and […]

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A Brief Survey of the Current Trends that Interest Children and how Parents can use these Tips in their Parenting Process


Corporate toy manufacturers are constantly keeping up with the ever-changing, rapid-changing interests of children in today’s technologically-augmented world. If you decide to walk the toy aisle at major retailers worldwide, you will continually see toys that are created by branding agreements to produce merchandise with these images or in the likeness of certain television or […]

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Dealing with Varicose Veins after Pregnancy


Varicose veins are a common problem that pregnant women face, with as much as 40 percent of pregnant women developing them over the course of their pregnancy. Varicose veins are caused by blood vessels that dilate close to the surface of the skin and are more common in pregnancy due to the hormones and the […]

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