Country Girl Suburban Living: Our Twin Birth story


This is our twin birth story….

Saturday, Oct 1st, 2017  We went to church that evening joking about my water breaking in the middle of the sermon. Little did we know at the time I would go into labor during church. Mid sermon I started having pretty good contractions. The contractions were uncomfortable but I knew there was a possibility they could just be practicing contractions that would stop soon. After church was over Brett and I went to get the children from children’s church, by this time I was walking a lot slower. We gathered all our monkeys (kids) and chatted with friends on our way out. At this point I was still having contractions but I had not told Brett just yet. On our way out the door Brett and the kids take off to the car. I yelled for them to slow down because now I was really walking slow. I told him Honey, please slow down, I’m having contractions that are pretty strong. He laughed and said well honey why in the world are you stopping and talking to everyone? Well… We went home, bathed kids, put them to bed and continued to labor. Brett and I were downstairs in the living room. I sat on the birthing ball while he rubbed my back. He is so good to me. Contractions were stronger and getting closer together. We called the Dr and let them know we were on our way. We called our niece to come over so we could head to the hospital. (It was about 11pm now) It was go time!

We got to the hospital, checked into triage. The nurse was precious and so sweet. They put monitors on each baby to track their heart rate and one on me to track contractions. I was steady contracting every 2-3 minutes. When I’m in labor I’m very quiet and focused. Often I will play praise and worship music on Pandora -Michael W. Smith channel to be exact- When I am having a contraction I close my eyes and just breathe. The nurse did a vaginal check. I was 3 cm dilated and 60% effaced. (Not much change from what I had been for the previous 2 weeks) The nurse said they wanted me to labor for 2 more hours and she would check me again to see if I had progressed. Time passed, I’m still contracting regularly and they are still very strong. Nurse checked me again and I was 3 1/2. Not the progression we were wanting. The nurse made the comment when I push on the head it bounces off. She thought it was strange. I asked her if it could be baby A’s little booty. She said oh no, it’s her head. She left to tell the Dr. I was still contracting regularly but had only progressed 1/2 cm. After she left I told Brett, something isn’t right I should be more dilated than this. Usually I don’t labor this long. With my first three littles labor was fast! This shouldn’t be any different. I was confident that baby A was breech and what the nurse felt was baby A’s booty. The nurse came back a little while later and said we are moving you to labor and delivery. They will come get you soon. 

Around 4:00 am I was being moved to labor and delivery. This nurse was amazing too. (Her name was Jetta which I thought was super cute) The nurse hooked up the monitors. She saw how I was having contractions and said she was going to start doing her paperwork because it looked like we were having babies today! Two resident doctors came in with an ultrasound machine to check the babies position. Sure enough they were both breech. (Never ignore your mommy instinct) They didn’t say much other than we will let the doctor on call know.  It’s about 5:00 am now. Dr. Rosenbaum the doctor on call comes in, this is the first time we have ever met him. My doctor Dr. Hodges, whom I just adore had a family emergency in Chicago and had just left on a plane. Dr. Rosenbaum basically said there’s no point in stopping your labor because I honestly don’t think you will make it another week even if we did. The way you are contracting the babies are not going to turn so there is no point in waiting and having you labor any longer. The longer you labor with breech babies the high risk you are for complications. You only option is a c section at this point and the sooner we do it the better for the babies. He explained what was about to happen to Brett and I. We both really liked him and felt comfortable he knew what he was doing and we were in good hands. Dr. Rosenbaum said his only concern was having to cut the uterus vertical due to baby A’s position, which would mean if I ever wanted another baby that vaginal delivery was out of the question. Also cutting the uterus vertical is longer recovery and harder on the body. It’s seven layers to cut through not one. This was something that would have to be determined once he had cut my stomach and could see better inside and would make that call then. He left the room to call for the OR to be prepped and get the team together. Brett and I were both nervous. This was something we knew all along could be a possibility but now it was happening for sure. I am having a c section and we will have our baby girls in less than two hours. Brett came to my bedside grabbed my hand with one and and placed his other hand on my belly and prayed. Just thinking back on all the emotions at that point brings me to tears.

It’s time! A nurse walks in and throws scrubs at Brett and says suit up daddy. I could tell now that Brett was holding actual scrubs in his hands that it was very real to him at this point. A nurse put an IV in my arm and started me on a bag of fluids. (The first IV leaked that I received in triage so she took that one out and gave me another one, my vain rolled so she had another nurse try. It worked.) I had to receive a full bag of fluids before surgery. Another nurse hooked up these compression socks on each calf to help blood circulation during surgery and for 12 hours afterwards. Another nurse gave me a shot of medicine that tasted awful to settle the acid in my stomach for surgery. The anesthesiologist came in and talked to Brett and I about the epidural/spinal block that I would be receiving. He was amazing. He was so detailed with how things were going to happen I didn’t have any questions and was very confident in him. Brett and I both agreed that he had amazing bedside manor and we really liked him. I got in a wheel chair and was on my way to the OR. Brett went to the waiting area until my epidural was in place. I was wheeled into the OR. It was so overwhelming. It was so bright, so white, so busy. There were so many people in the room speaking OR language and hooking things to machines. Have I mentioned it was overwhelming? I kept repeating in my mind God have Your will done. God have Your will done. I trust You. I got onto the operating table and a sweet nurse came and stood in front of me and handed me a pillow. The anesthesiologist was prepping my back for the epidural/spinal block mix. This hurt, not as bad a pushing a baby out of your who haa but it hurt. I squeezed the nurses hands, she was so great. The epidural was in. I laid down with the help of three people. They had me lay to the left side so that the medication could go down to the lower part of my body. All the sudden I felt so cold. I told the nurse and she out warm blankets on me. This was normal. Everyone was still prepping. I was laying there still praying. I told the anesthesiologist that my neck was hurting bad up into my head. He said your blood pressure just dropped but I gave you medicine for that you should feel better soon. Now I feel like I’m going to throw up. He said it was a reaction to the medicine I just gave you so I gave you more medicine to stop the nausea you should feel better soon. Now I’m super hot and sweaty. He said that’s normal when your blood pressure rises back to normal and started fanning me. Like I said he was amazing. This whole little episode of my blood pressure dropping, feeling pain in my neck, then nausea, then sweaty happened two more times during the entire surgery and he was on top of it before I even said anything to him. Like I said before he was amazing. His job was to take care of me and monitor me. The blue curtain went up and it was go time. Brett walked in. He said seeing me like that was hard for him because he felt helpless. His eyes got watery. He sat down beside me and asked how I was doing. For the next few minutes Brett, the anesthesiologist and I chatted. He asked about our family and we told him that twins made #4 & #5 for us. He was shocked but congratulated us for having such a big family because it’s rare these days. He had just had his first, a little girl eight months prior. We heard the Doctor say baby A was coming. At 6:21 am  we heard our first baby cry. I can’t tell you in words how I felt at that moment. Brett and I looked at each other and both just started crying. We could hear all the talk about her… Look at her head full of hair, she’s beautiful, great size. I could wait to see her. Brett went over to her and her team of nurses and took pictures then came to show me while they were cleaning her up. Baby A was 6 lbs. 3oz. and 19 1/2 inches long with a head full of brown hair. She was perfect in every way. Two minutes later at 6:23 baby B was born. Her cry was a little bit different. It was obvious she swallowed fluid. I kept asking Brett how is baby B? The nurses didn’t seem too concerned because it was very little but something that needed to be watched just to be on the safe side. While they watched baby B I was able to hold baby A for the first time. It was incredible. The miracle of it all never dulls. I’m in astonishment of God’s miracle of pregnancy and birth. The doctor was putting me all back together. Good news Dr. Rosenbaum was able to cut horizontal like he wanted and every thing looked great and went as planned. I asked him to take a little extra skin off that I’d slip him a twenty if he gave me a new belly button. He laughed and said everything looks really great actually you really don’t have any stretching and we didn’t even get close to your tattoo. ha!  I was able to hold baby B for a few minutes before they took her off to NICU to be monitored. I was all stapled up and ready to be moved to recovery for two hours. They transferred me to a bed and handed me baby A which we named Georgia Kate. Georgia and I loved on one another for the next few hours in recovery. I also started nursing her. Family came back to visit us and meet Georgia. The medication I received during surgery made my face itch like nobodies business. Oh my word if you could have only seen the way I was rubbing my face to understand the intensity of the itching. My face looked fine it to everyone else. Brett and the grandmas went to visit baby B which we named June Elizabeth in NICU. Brett stayed pretty steady going back and forth checking on Georgia and I, then June. After two hours we were moved to a postpartum room to stay for the next few days. That evening I went to visit June in NICU. My heart was longing to see her and hold her and love her. I had only held her for a few minutes after giving birth to her. That night June joined us in our room and stayed the remainder of the time. It was such a relief to have both girls with us. When the nurse brought June into the room I unswaddled them down to their diapers and laid them both on my chest, skin to skin, sister to sister to mommy. For the first time that day we were all three back together. I was overwhelmed with joy and just kept thanking God. What a miracle! All of it. I’m in awe still. That Wednesday afternoon March 5th we were able to go home. I sobbed like a baby the whole way home. Overwhelmed with emotions of joy and thankfulness. We had prayed so diligently for healthy babies that could come home when we did. We had dreamed for months of what this birthing story would be like. It was so surreal, we were taking our twin girls home to make our family of 7 a reality now. Ella, Mason and Wyatt are so in love with their little sisters. To watch them love on their sisters is the most precious thing I  have ever seen. God has blessed us beyond measure, to Him be the glory!

Thank You all who have prayed with us, wished us sweet thoughts and kind words on facebook and instagram. We appreciate every one of you. It’s such a joy to share this journey with you!