How to Keep Children Cool in Hot Summer


The extreme heat in the summer can make your child feel uncomfortable and restless. Children tend to sweat less than the adults, therefore, they extra care and precaution.

Sports Activity
Summer holidays are the best for the children to engage themselves in various outdoor sports. Encourage your child to go out and play instead of sitting in a hot room.

Enroll your kid for swimming. However, do not enroll a child below the age 4. According to the American Academy of Pediatrics drowning is one of the causes of death among the children. Water safety is first.

Take them to the beaches. The cool and fresh air will brighten them and they will be more active.

Take them to camping and light adventurous trips. Recreation is necessary to make them feel good. All the sports and outdoor activities will make your child sweat; sweating is a healthy way to reduce body temperature and to take the harmful toxins out of the body in the form of sebum and sweat.

There is no way without water. Drinking water revitalizes the skin, helps in the functioning of internal organs and moreover keeps their body cool. However, you have to ensure that the kids do not drink water immediately after coming home. They should drink more often and after taking a short break. Excessive sweating will result in dehydration. This should never happen!

Bathing in cold water before going to bed will help them stay comfortable in the night and grab a goodnight’s sleep. Moisturize the skin after a shower and make them go to sleep early. Sleeping early helps to acquire sufficient rest, and they wake up in the morning feeling fresh. The temperature rises gradually as the day starts, therefore, sleeping early and wake up early theory works well with the children.

Cool Down
After stressful daytime activities, help your child energize after they return home. Offer healthy drinks, such as fruit juices, milkshake with ice cubes, ice cream etc. The drinks contain natural fibers, minerals, vitamins and water content, adding ice cube just feels heavenly in summer. Do you not agree?

Cooling of the body also depends on the room temperature. Switch on the best kids ceiling fan and allow the hot air going out using counter clockwise rotation. In a normal state, a ceiling fan blows the air, therefore, acts as a fast cooling method.

It is needless to say that our food habit has a lot to do with our body temperature. Avoid oily, spicy and rich food in summer for a better digestion. Ensure more vegetables are added in the menu.

Summer fashion never goes old, and this applies to the children too! Cotton clothes are the best to beat the summer heat. Cotton is light, natural and breathable. It also absorbs sweat, so they don’t feel icky. Summer clothes should be preferably light in color, thin and loose.

Hats and sunglasses are essential items to save them from the direct sunlight.

The bed should be comfortable for them to sleep at night. Spread a cotton bed sheet, cotton pillow covers. Waterproof mattresses can raise the temperature as they sleep for hours and it will make your child wake more often in summer nights, therefore, avoid these mattresses.

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