How To Make A Baby Stop Crying- My personal experience


Hello Everyone, I am Simone from Jamaica. I am a mother of a six year old son and a eight weeks old daughter at the point of writing this page. My newborn won’t stop crying, especially at night!

Apart from my major role as a Mother,I am a Business Banker by profession, a wife and a very active member of a local church and the community. Like many parents reading this, you came to this page because you want to get the answer to that big question: ” why won’t my newborn stop crying?” That nonstop crying of your newborn baby especially at nights with no apparent reason for it and not knowing what to do, can be nerve rocking! Speaking from my own experience, I hope to provide enough information that will help parents of newborn baby like myself to fully understand why babies cry at nights and the care to be undertaken.

Prior to having my first child, I recall a friend of mine telling me that “a newborn baby does not come with  a handbook, instead it is a learn on the job kind of thing”. I am sure you can identify with this statement. When my first born was two weeks old, I recalled him waking every hour from about 6:00 p.m. (Note, this was after he slept for most of the day). At which times I would feed him, check for wet diaper, and proceed to swaddle him in an effort to comfort him and have him return to his sleep. Well, one night in particular, I recall, he woke up the usual every hour, but at 11:00 p.m. that was it for him and any further sleeping until 6:30’a.m. the following morning! Oh my God!!! He cried the entire seven and a half hours. There was no comforting him. No amount of breast feeding, singing, changing of diaper and clothes, swaddling or any other method of comfort worked. Needless to say that I was beyond being on edge after all those hours of no sleep, no food, and no comfort for myself either.

Fast forward 6 years later with my newborn baby daughter’s arrival and it’s like value! Does lightening strike twice in the same place?

That’s what this page is about, to share with you my personal experience as well as hearing about your experiences and the exchange of best practices with me and the millions of other parents who will be visiting this site to learn what to do when their newborn baby won’t stop crying at night. Be sure to add this site to your favorites and visit regularly. Feel free to give me your feedback as well. Remember newborn babies do not come with a handbook, so my personal experience and that of others will make the on the job training so much easier. Thanks for stopping by and happy parenting.