The Baby Nursery


When creating and putting together a nursery, the possibilities are endless. Some people choose to follow color schemes (including the age-old pastel pink for girls, pastel blue for boys theme), while others may opt for character themes. Still others choose to go simple, opting for soothing colors and furniture items that suit their needs.

Your nursery does not have to be decorated contiguously with the rest of your house. Creativity, imagination and preference of the parents should be the first priority in nursery decorating.

Building a Safe Nursery
Along with the nursery theme, be sure that you keep safety in mind when planning out your nursery. As your baby grows, he or she will be exploring the nursery you’ve built, so make sure the environment you created is safe for your child.

Here are some things you can do to ensure that your nursery is as safe as possible:

  • Anchor any shelves or bookcases to your walls.
  • Double-check the tightness of nuts and bolts on all pieces of furniture to make sure it’s put together correctly and is sturdy.
  • Install window guards that limit how far a window can open.
  • Keep your crib away from windows to prevent your child from getting tangled in shades or blinds’ cords.
  • Make sure there are no dangling electrical cords or wires anywhere. Also, keep lamps out of reach.
  • Make sure your nursery has a smoke detector.
  • Put childproof locks on cabinets.
  • Put covers on all electrical outlets.

These tips and precautions can help prevent nearly any accidents or unwanted incidents. After you consider safety, plan out the furniture, toys and other items you want for your nursery. Make a list to avoid impulse buying. Some of the primary baby furniture on this list will likely be a crib, a baby monitor and a changing table.In this section, we’ll cover all aspects of nurseries for newborns. We’ll discuss furniture, cribs, bedding and much more.

Baby Furniture
Furniture for a nursery can include a crib, a changing table, a rocking chair or even a day bed or futon for the comfort of the parents. You’ll be spending a great deal of time in your nursery, so make sure it will have everything you need. Along with a crib, other furniture, such as lamps, tables and bookshelves, are often helpful in a nursery. As you start getting furniture and assembling your nursery, make sure that all pieces are secure and that the room is child-proofed accordingly.

Baby Cribs
When looking for a crib, safety is the most important factor to keep in mind. Good cribs shouldn’t have any sharp edges or gaps that could trap fingers. Also, make sure the slats on the crib are no more than 2.5 inches apart so that it adequately confines your baby. If you are planning on using a hand-me-down cribs, ensuring that the crib is safe will be even more important. The Juvenile Products Manufacturers Association publishes safety guidelines and requirements for a number of baby items, including baby cribs.

Baby Bedding
Baby bedding can be handmade or can be purchased to go with the theme of the room. Most new parents find it helpful to purchase at least a few sets of baby bedding, as newborns create a great deal of mess and leave little time for doing laundry.