What Causes Teen Acne


While there are many things have changed since you were a teenager, include school, dating, social issues- become more difficult than before, many never changed. Pimple or acne, whatever you call them, is one of them, annoying skin problem happens to all teenagers sooner or later. Acne is a diabolically cruel thing that causes you to be very self-conscious.

If you’re struggling with pimples, you’re not alone, around 80% of teenagers get some form of acne. About 8 in 10 teenagers develop some degree of acne.

Why do teens get acne?
The leading cause of teen acne is hormones. Other changes that occur at puberty that result in acne development, include: inflammation, moisture balance and bacteria. Hormonal imbalance causes havoc in your body which causes the occasional breakout. There is a big difference between boy and girls develop pimples. The reason why boys grow fast because of the level of testosterone in the bloodstream higher than girls. Testosterone results in heavier bone cells, finally enlarge the chest and shoulders. In girls, the responsibility of androgens is producing estrogen. More hormones overactive the oil glands. The excess oil combine with dead cells and bacteria block the pore to form a sticky plug, cause the pimples in nose.

Teens can take many ways to help clear up their pimples. Below are some of the steps to tame teen acne:

Balancing Hormones: Balancing hormones means changes in your lifestyle. Teens love“high glycemic” foods, such as hamburg, cake, bread, etc. But, the truth is avoiding them! Maintain a diet, eat vegetables, fruits and carrots, which is good for your body shape and whole body health.

Washing Schedule: In most cases, dirt has little impact on acne. But many teens think excessive washing can reduce acne. But teen acne is caused by several factors, bacteria gets trapped in the skin’s oil glands. Although washing your face helps to remove dirt, but washing too often results in dryness.

Don’t pop your pimples: this is the basic rule! Popping a pimple increases the risk creating a scar or making your skin worse. Furthermore, the inflammation can become so bad that scarring is left behind when the pimples disappear.

Some medicines can make acne worse: Medicines are not suitable for everyone. Don’t stop a prescribed medicine if you find it didn’t work for you and make your acne worse. You should ask advices from doctors.