When Should The Subject of Sex Be Taught to Children


Children today from the time they start to school are given information that should be taught at a later date.Teaching how to read, math and writing should be utmost in these early years of a child’s life. These subjects take repetition and the child should not be distracted by subjects that takes the child away for these studies. It seems to me that educators are looking more and more to the technical gadgets.

Repetition is important in learning words and their meaning. Math demands some memorization in order to apply it properly. I know this is a subject that is hardly touched on: “Writing.” It takes only a year or two with writing exercises to enable a person to develop a legible script. This should be well established by the time the child reaches the 6th grade for him/her to be successful in it for the rest of their education.

Now to sex. Telling the facts of life to children of the sixth grade level should be done with real care. It needs to be emphasized that their curiosity should not lead them to engage in sex in any playful way  and their bodies need to be respected. That reproduction of the human race is left to the adults and that there are grave consequences to the preteen or teenager who allows themselves to engage in sexual behavior.

The real truth must be taught and let them know why it is wrong to become involved in any sexual activity. It does not make a girl more popular in her class, and for the boys will laugh behind a girl’s back and only want to experiment with her. It is she who will carry the shame and the burden if she gets pregnant as well as having her life drastically altered. It does not strengthen the boys either. There are prices to be paid. Children should be discouraged from seeing films where sex is so explicit and discourage reading books with such sexual overtones. I know you think this is old fashion. Perhaps it is, but it is better to be old fashioned than to have your child’s life ruined. 

My children attended a selective girls school, but the teacher was sending them home with a list of books that had no moral value for their summer reading. I opposed this and other parents join me in my opposition. There is so much good literature that can guide young minds that last a life time. Just because a book is written dosen’t mean it is worth the reading time. Our TV and computer is ridden with sex and bad language that it makes it difficult for a parent to handle all this, but remember the child will follow the parents lead. If the parent conducts himself/herself in a proper manner the child will follow with some gentle guidance. It is most important to guide your child gently in the right direction. We know that they will make mistakes, but not big ones if we are there to guide them. Let me have your comments below.