A Child’s Bedroom – A Refuge

A child’s bedroom is usually the one place in the house that they can really call their own. It is a place to play, a place to relax and – when a child becomes older – it is often a refuge from the rest of the family. Children, just like adults, sometimes need to have their own space, perhaps where a younger sibling can’t invade, or where they can just do their own thing in peace and quiet. But for a child to really appreciate a bedroom it helps if the decor is pleasing and is attuned to their own style. For instance, girl’s tend to like pretty colors like pinks and purples, whereas boys usually prefer more neutral colors (perhaps blues and greens).

Of course, the color of the walls, plus such things as themed bed linen can help to create a room that a child can really feel is his or her own. But other accessories can also add to the aesthetics of a room, and one of those accessories is a clock.

Clocks For Boy’s Bedrooms

Of course, boys are all different and have wide-ranging interests. Many boys are obsessed with sports, so a baseball clock or a football clock might be a wise choice for a boy’s room. Younger boys still like characters associated with films or TV – superheroes are especially popular with boys aged around 4 – 7 (think Spiderman, for example). After that, they will start to become ‘babyish’.

The Robot Clock at the top may appeal to a younger boy, and won’t date in the same way that a character on a recent film might. There is a Camouflage Clock for those into combat and adventure, and even a Bicycle Tire Clock which has quite a clean-cut, smart look about it. Depending on their age, boys like action, be it adventure or sport, superhero characters, music and silly cartoons (even Spongebob has his own clock). Some of the clocks featured have an older look to them (particularly the Surfer Clock and the wooden Baseball Clock. Both of these have a boyish yet more mature look to them, so could see a boy well into his teenage years.

Of course, most boys absolutely love Lego, so it is certainly worth considering the Lego Clocks – they would make a wonderful addition to any avid Lego fan’s room and are something a bit different.

Clocks For Girl’s Rooms

Of course, not all girls are the same. However, a lot of girls like ‘girly’ things – pretty, sparkly, glittery things in colors like pink and purple. It’s especially true for younger girls, perhaps from as young as three upwards, but even older girls very often stay on the path of pinks and purples. Most girls I know seem to gravitate towards such styles, even when parents do not set out to bring them up that way. Girls will be girls, after all.

Lot’s of girls like princesses and fairies, butterflies and magical castles. Girls often also like cute animals. Pictured right is a selection of clocks for girls, all of which would embellish the decor of a bedroom. The top one, the Mermaid’s Clock, is a good choice for a fairly young girl, and the Disney Princess Clock is popular with girls of around four, five or six. The plain pink clock would be a good choice for an older girl who has outgrown the ‘princess’ theme, but is still a fan of all things pink.

The Butterfly Clock makes a welcome change from pink (even though pink is incredibly popular with girls, not all of them will like it), and the Country Farm Clock is a nice theme, placed in the girl’s section because of the pink house. (It should, however, be noted that many young boys of two or three are not at all opposed to pink, though you might not want to adorn their room with a pink clock) .The Fish Clock, in the Animal and Nature category, might also be a suitable choice for a girl’s bedroom with an underwater theme.