Do you have a set of Crayola Crystal Effects window drawing for kidsWindow markers yet? If your children enjoy arts and crafts, window drawing will be a big hit. Not sure why the manufacturer recommends these markers for children ages 8 and up, as they are washable and nontoxic, and preschoolers enjoy these markers just as much as the big kids do. Drawing on a window (or any other glass surface) is only part of the fun. What kids enjoy the most is watching the colors crystallize like ice. The crystallizing effect is similar to window frosting in action.

We noticed that the markers work best when it’s warm or hot outside and the glass surface is slightly warm. On a cooler day or when the air is humid, it may take a while for the colors to crystallize – as long as a few hours.

These markers are very affordable. A set of these will cost you between $5.50 and $10 at Target, Wal-Mart, or on Amazon. They are very eco-friendly as they were manufactured using a renewable energy source – solar energy. Crayola Solar Farm provides enough energy to produce 1 billion Crayola crayons and 500 million markers a year. To learn more about Crayola Solar farm, visit Green Initiatives page on Crayola website and watch an educational video made for kids.

If you would like to see Window Drawing in action, be sure to watch the video below. In the beginning of the video, you can barely see the colors, but the crystallizing effect really starts showing up about half way through the video. Also note how easy it is to wipe off the drawing with a paper towel: